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About the Jam:

No-Image Challenge Jam is an unranked jam where game developers are challenged to make a game where they cannot use any images in 72 hrs. 

Duration: UTC Time, 8PM 25 September 2020 (Friday) - 8PM 28 September 2020 (Monday)

The jam is now over, thanks to everyone who participated


The theme will be announced when the jam starts.

And the theme is...

"The Monster"

Remember to incorporate the theme in at least one aspect of your game, and have fun!


  1. You cannot import any images/textures/sprites for the game. All graphical components must be made within the engine/library you are using. 
  2. Use any engines/frameworks/libraries you like. This includes engines that have built-in art editor such as GameMaker or Pico-8, the idea is to encourage creativity, but it's fine if you want to go the boring way for part of the games.
  3. Loopholes such as storing an image data and recreate them at runtime aren't allowed.
  4. All core graphical components have to be made during the jam's time frame.
  5. Teams are allowed.
  6. Particle effects, Shaders, trail renderers, procedural-generated textures etc are all allowed. 
  7. Helper scripts, fonts and music/SFXs etc are all allowed, even pre-made ones, as long as you have the rights to use them and provides appropriate credits.
  8. You can only work on your game during the jam's time frame. 
  9. Make sure to incorporate the theme in your game. 
  10. No NSFW, offensive, hateful contents.
  11. Any submission that violates the rules can be removed from the jam without prior warnings. 
  12. Must have fun making the game :D


  • As a special rule, you can use the default image placeholder if the engine/library you are using comes with one. (Example: Godot Icon in Godot or the Scratch Cat in Scratch). However, this must be specified in the submission page and the game description, participants who use custom engines are NOT ALLOWED to use this rule to import custom images.
  • Share your source-code! Your source-code is a great resource to help other developers in learning the game development process.
  • It might be hard to immediately tell how did you archive the graphic results in your game, which is why I recommend writing a devlog or a short paragraph in the description to help with others understand what did you do with the limitations.


Anything you made and submitted to the jam is your property, I don't claim any rights or ownership of your games.


Discord: DungSC127#2114
Twitter: @dung_sc127

Contact me if you have any questions regarding the jam.


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Save the possessed penguin from Bursting!
Can you finish this game ? If yes let me ask you can you start it ? It's short game with 3 endings.
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This game was created for the "No-Image" GameJam.
Monsters are attacking the city. Defend it. With no external Images!
Star Game
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Narrative roguelike. Multiple Endings. Brevity-centric.
Interactive Fiction
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