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Potentially NSFW content ahead. Do be warned.

It is [nearly] No Nut November (NNN)

What is No Nut November (NNN)?

I'm glad you asked. No Nut November is a popular activity, you MUST participate. This activity, is an activity where you do not do the action of "nutting" throughout the month of November.

What is "nutting"?

To nut can either be to gather nuts, or the first result found here.

What is the theme?

Apples. I thought I'd made it obvious, but it's No Nut November (NNN)

What exactly does that mean? What should I make?

I want you to make a game about your experiences during No Nut November. Make whatever you want. A diary? A board game? A piece of art? A romantic novel? Anything. Just make something that tells your story, during this pitiful month.

How do I make what I want to make?

It truly depends on what you're making. Making art? Use paper or Paint, all is accepted. Making a novel or a diary entry? Use Word or Google Docs! As long as you can upload it here, it's fine! If it's interactive, use something like Twine! It's my favourite but I've heard of Text Adventures. If you're making a game, you probably know what you're doing but if you're trying something new, check whatever Weekly Game Jam recommends.

This should just be a chilled humorous jam. Don't actually spend the whole month making a game, take an afternoon to show your experience(s), or just do a little bit about your experience every day. Do limit yourself though, no more than an hour or two a day.