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A tradition like Green Chile roasting it's the New Mexico Game Jam 2018. Game developers all over the state of New Mexico will jam and create awesome games over a 48 hour weekend. This is the 10th year running the NM Game Jam and with that brings the pride of NM game development.

This year's theme is TEN.


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Fend off Trick-or-Treaters
Guide 10 moles through the mysterious Plinko Mines
10 players "grapple" to get a star between the goalposts
Made in 2 days for New Mexico Game Jam. An educational game about counting in different bases.
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Fight Your Way to Jeff PewTen
Battle Royale utilizing 10 color based powers!
Help Neymar Shoot Goals!
The stack of RSVPs are on your desk. Little did they know, they RSVP'd to die.
Bounce un-invited ghosts from a party at a mansion. But don't bounce the 10 invited ghosts!