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The Theme is: "Simple"

What are Game Jams?

Game Jams are events where game developers challenge themselves to make a game in a given time, based on a certain theme. Game Jams can have different lengths, from the 48 hour format used by Ludum Dare to Jams that last several weeks.  The Theme can be anything, and participants can base any part of the game on the theme, like story, music, graphics and gameplay.

The NIS Game Jam:

The theme will be announced on midnight of the 22nd of March, and submissions start at the same time. The deadline is the 29th of March. Games will be ranked via voting, which will be start on the 29th of March and end on the 5th of April.

How do I submit my game?

First, you will have to finish the game, and build it. To reach the most amount of people, try using webGL. After you build it, go to, and if you don't have an account yet, make one. Then submit your game to the site by pressing the button next to your username and pressing "Upload new project.". Upload the project files. Set up other things,  change the project page, etc. After all that, return to this page and press "Submit your project.". Select your project and that's it!

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kill zombies!
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move with w,a,s,d and dont touch the red cubes!
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