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 The MEGA Newbies & Vets Game Jam is a weekend-long event where participants work together to create a video game from scratch. This year, it will be taking place online from October 16-18! Whether you’re new to making games or you’re a veteran with years of game development experience, all are welcome during the 2020 Newbies & Vets Game Jam.

The categories that your game will be judged on are as follows:

  • Best Art
  • Best Audio
  • Best Game Design
  • Best Narrative
  • Best Overall

The prizes:

  • Steam/Nintendo/PS Gift Cards -- your choice!
  • Best overall: $25 value per team member
  • Other categories: $10 value per team member

Submissions are open for only an hour from Sunday 4~5pm PST. We cannot any extensions unless there are any technical issues that arise when submitting.


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Last as long as you can, procrastinating your essay by avoiding the scary homework monster!
You try to escape LA traffic, but you're in hell, and The Sukkening... is... coming...
Play in browser
Escape the magical lab full of zombies on Hallow's Eve Night!
For NV Game Jam 2020
Escape the toybox by navigating a Rubrik's cube maze and collecting all four artifacts.
A game by some people