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Build a game in real-world New York City!

Game Jam NYC is a game jam where participants create games using real NYC buildings, streets, and terrain. We provide the customizable game-ready environments, you build the game! We're awarding $2500 to the best game overall, rated by gameplay, visuals, creativity, and use of the theme. 


       Get Models HERE

       Choose your own section of New York or download one of our sample models.

             Unity Asset: Rockefeller Center                         Unity Asset: Columbus Circle


ALL CITY FREESTYLE              


  1. Must feature Geopipe NYC models
  2. To be eligible for the cash prizes, you must have Paypal, Venmo, or some other way for us to get our money to you. You must also supply a Discord account or email so we can contact you.
  3. You may work alone or in teams- there is no size limit.  Teams are responsible for dividing the cash prize amongst themselves.
  4. Your submission should reflect original work–no plagiarism. You may use premade assets as long as you credit the assets used in the description of your submission page. 
  5. Contest entries related to the topics below do not fit our brand values and will not be approved for publication:  
    1. Direct political affiliations and political symbols, campaigns, or movements  
    2. Sex, nudity, drugs, or smoking  
    3. Swearing or profanity  
    4. Blood, horror, terrorism or torture  
    5. Shooting humans or cruelty to animals
    6. Racism, bullying, or other bigoted behavior/content
  6. Entries should not contain copies or references to any existing third-party work or creation or infringements of any third-party intellectual property right without appropriate credit.
  7. You must be at least 13 years of age to participate and enter.  Local laws apply. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.
  8. Geopipe employees and their immediate family or household members are not eligible to win the contest. Geopipe will determine eligibility at its sole discretion.
  9. By entering the game jam, you also grant Geopipe permission to use screenshots, videos, and the name of your entry for marketing purposes.


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New York Taxi Game with Farm Animals
Jump around and find lost souls in a 3D digital city in 1987!
Drift around a real NYC map!
Play in browser
Game about loader with funny physics.
Atlas lost his globe again, time for some city golf
drift game about drifting jaj
Can you survive in this apocalyptic city?
Survive in nature-consumed NY. Reach top of bldg, turn on radio. Avoid dark shadows. Follow messages to win game.
Whisk around and above Midtown Manhattan in your own private helicopter!
Play in browser
Train yourself in operation of a UNIT in a Leyline Outbreak scenario. (VR)
A crazy ragdoll experience in the neon-night new york city!
Become the Dark avatar and restore humanity to its former glory
Role Playing