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Happy New Year 2017!

In celebration of the year just gone and in anticipation of the year to come, I have started this almost three day jam (finishes in time to still go out on New Years Eve, don't worry).

The theme for the jam will be: Suprise. I think the theme reflects a lot of what happened globally 2016.

First time Jammers are just as welcome as the most experienced, this is just meant to be a bit of fun to see in the new year.

The jam rules are pretty relaxed:

  • Submissions must be made between the jam start and end, but feel free to reuse old code from other projects.
  • Submissions should preferably be browser based games.
  • Submissions must contain only assets created by the participant, or from a online source licensed under creative commons (attribution or non).
  • Submissions must be submitted before the jam ends.

Good luck to everyone who takes part!

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Endless Runner (New Year Themed... Kinda.)
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