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Hey! Do you feel it? New Year is coming!!! :D

This is a very spontaneous jam created to find a New Year mood. That is your chance to make your last game in 2017! 

Rules are pretty simple: 

  • Use any framework or game engine u like. 
  • Participate as a command or a single dev. 
  •  Use any assets you like, even if you created them long time ago. Or you can use assets under CC license. 
  • The game should be created at the period of jam and it should be fit to the theme. 
  • Theme - New Year :D

Good luck to everyone who will join our small party(because jam is always like a party for us) and Happy New Year!!! :D

P.S. Very big thanks to gameart2d for great free sprites and amazing background under CC0 license!


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A short game about being afraid.
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