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New Setting November is intended to be a small writing challenge where the point is to collaboratively create a world that would be a fun and interesting place to explore! That means lots of different kinds of writing are completely acceptable. Think about character descriptions, biology, magic, technology, names, languages, historical documents, cities, anything you want to write about and think might be interesting as an active element of the world or a historical entity leading to it! 

The genre this year is "Naturalistic Fantasy"! Try to include more naturally made materials and cooperation between people and nature. We have three themes:

1. Growth is always present

2. The land was here before us, and will be here after us

3. Carefully managed destruction is vital to life

When you write anything, go ahead and submit it! Update your own documents as you write more. The intent for this jam is that you can see what other people are writing and use that to spur on your own ideas, so even partially finished writing is still important! Who knows what it might inspire in someone else? But most importantly, just have fun writing and reading about a fantastical world. 


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