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Masculinity is often left unquestioned. People assume that what they see of it is all it is and that is all it ever will be. Yet as a subject and object, it is worth engaging with, studying, questioning and exploring. 

This is a game jam about doing just that. It is a game jam about what masculinity means to you on a personal level and about imagining what it might look like in the future. It’s a game jam about developing tools to talk about masculinity at the table and games about exploring what it means to you. 

This game jam is meant to help build a nuanced body of work about masculinity in the TTRPG space. Works that seek to imagine positive masculinities, works that seek to engage with masculinities complex present, and works about specific cultural or personal ideas about masculinity are all welcome. 

Some suggestions: Games about hyper masculine spaces, games about creating new gender identities, guides for creating transmasculine npcs, essays on cultivating positive masculinity at the table, games about trans masculine masculinity, games about lesbian masculinity, games about gay men’s spaces, games about fathers, games about sons, work that subverts the ideas of traditionally masculine professions.

This game jam is open to people of all genders and orientations, including those who do not identify with masculinity. Trans masculine people and masc nonbinary people are especially encouraged to submit. 


  1. No Biological or Gender Essentialism. Please do not include anything that limits or defines what masculinity or men are. No equating of body parts to gender, or certain expressions of masculinity to the whole of masculinity. 
  2. No bashing of men or masculinity. Phrases and sentiments such as “men are trash” or “masculinity is always toxic” are not helpful in the larger sense. They position gender as a moral stance and eschew the hard work of building more nuanced understandings of gender. Such attitudes have no place in this jam and works containing them will be removed. 
  3. No other bigotry of any type. Work that promotes hate speech against people of any gender, religion, race, or orientation will be removed. 

Submissions close Midnight of December 1st but late work will always be accepted. Just email or message me on twitter @roswellwrites for your work to be included.


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A game about telling your boyfriend (who is a dragon) about how much you love him
A single player rpg about making yourself from pieces of men
a call and response of gender discovery
A game about giving a shape to your masculinity.
tender, vulnerable, hopeful masculinity
a duet writing game of ritual, intimacy, and distance