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Welcome to the NES Jam! Here's some basic information you need to know:

  • The jam starts on August 6th at 6 PM EST
  • The submissions are due by August 13th at 6 PM EST
  • The voting process ends on August 16th at 6 PM EST


This jam is called the NES Jam for a reason! The jam requires that you do the following for your game:

  • Have a resolution of 256px by 240px (you're allowed to scale them up, though!)
  • Use the NES color palette (view)


Without rules, bad stuff will probably happen, ya know? Here are the rules that you must follow:

  1. Only give constructive criticism! Don't attack anyone or else I'll be upset without you.
  2. You cannot use art, sound, or code made before the jam.
  3. You can use any third-party or custom-built engines and fair-use content from non-team resources.
  4. Only work on the jam for the week that the jam runs.
  5. You can work with others or by yourself.
  6. Have fun! I'll be very disappointed if you don't.


We're trying to have some structure, okay? Here are the categories that you'll be judged in.

  1. Theme: how good does this game emulate the feeling of the NES? does it follow the requirements?
  2. Game Feel: how much juice / game feel does the game have?
  3. Graphics: how attractive are those pixels?
  4. Sound: how attractive are those sound waves?
  5. Overall: how good does the game feel overall?

Discord Server

Communicate with the other developers creating their game for this jam! A user named brk decided to create a discord server for this jam. Go there and share your progress, support each other, and all the typical stuff you'd do in a game jam discord server. You can also ask me any questions there (I'm Paxx on the server), alternatively, you can also post them in the discussions section.

Join the server

That's all, have fun, and good luck to everyone!

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NES Style Puzzle Game
a Long lost NES game, best in the Waluigi series (NES Jam entry)
Create, share and play levels
Oldschool prototype created for NesJam
First Person Shooter.
You have 32 seconds to get through the data maze and reach the terminal
Breakout clone
Nature always wears the colours of the spirit. Colours are brighter when the mind is open.
A fantasci-fi tactical combat game.
Play in browser
You are hungry Get some food from the trunk
Support Kim Jong Un and bomb Guam.
a cute little game that kinda looks like nes excitebike - but with turtles.
Play in browser
The Unique Platformer (Jetpack Included)
Submission for the NES Game Jam. Can you bring down the mighty Red Fang?