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This is a fun, casual game jam all about creating games with weapons usually thought of as toys, or even LARP-only! Please create a TTRPG, LARP, card game, or otherwise that in some way utilizes Nerf/knockoff brand weaponry. This includes:

  • Nerf/knockoff dart/disc shooters
  • Nerf/knockoff bows and arrows
  • Nerf/knockoff melee weapons
  • Nerf cars and/or remote control Nerf turrets
  • water guns and water balloons
  • LARP weaponry
  • plastic/foam swords you got from the dollar store
  • those Spider-Man web blasters that shoot silly string
  • rubber band guns
  • sock grenades
  • Stomp Rockets
  • marshmallow guns
  • any other non-lethal toy weaponry you can think of

This weaponry may be central to the game, used as a resolution mechanic, or anything else, so long as it is a part of play. This might include shooting dart guns at a target instead of rolling dice, settling combat with real sword duels, or accomplishing an in-game feat by catching a marshmallow in your mouth! 

If you're short on inspiration, check out the Nerf Wiki, or the official Humans vs Zombies website.

While this jam officially ends on October 31st, late entries will always be acceptable, because deadlines aren't real! If you'd like to add a late entry, please contact @corpserevivers on Twitter.

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A solo companion to LARPs about war reporting.