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NerdJam, A jam to tell us what features our game engine needs.

We at NerdThings are developing a Game Engine, Inferno, which must be used in every submission for this jam. Inferno is a work in progress, so we are running this jam for 1 week after we feel it is stable to iron out bugs and see what it can be used for. You do not by any means need to work on a game for an extensive amount of time, you could make a small flappy clone in a day and submit it. All we want at NerdThings is to learn how you can use this engine, and where its strong and weak points are in order to make it better. This game engine is very experimental, so don't worry if things don't go as planned.


  • Must be written with Inferno
  • Must be a playable exe for Windows, other operating systems targeted will result in you not being able to be played by the Inferno Devs.
  • Must use original content, don't copy assets from existing games, but feel free to use a sound library as long as you credit the creator
  • You must have fun, no point in doing this if you don't like it.

Vote criteria

  • Quality of Gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Music/SFX

Get Inferno

You can download the source code and binaries for Inferno here. Other modules are also in the repo. The main solution is Inferno.Runtime, the only other working module is Inferno.UI. We have not yet merged everything into one solution, but that may happen through the week. Other modules extend the functionality of Inferno, and are not required.


If you find a bug, either add an issue on the GitHub or add a bug description to your game page. It is encouraged that you include source code for your project, it helps us and others learn how you use the platform, and helps us make the ride smoother.

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its a farm house. in a forest.
Visual Novel