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Neilvember Jam is a jam for creating TTRPGs that celebrate the many and varied works of Neil Cicierega, including:

And probably more! If Neil has made it or contributed to it in some significant way, it's fair game to make your TTRPG about.


  • If your game is harmful, cruel, or otherwise prejudiced, we reserve the right to remove it immediately from the jam.
  • Your game must be a tabletop or otherwise physical/analog game. LARPs are allowed and encouraged!
    • Your game may be a hack or supplement.
    • Your game may be any length you choose.
  • Multiple submissions are welcome.
  • Late submissions are always welcome, just get in touch with us if you aren't going to make the deadline.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact Marn or Ben!

Optional Challenges

Create a "mashup" game in the spirit of the Mouth albums that in some way combines two distinctly different game systems, genres, or premises. The weirder the better!


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A game about building, building, building...

You are part of a neolithic tribe who have discovered a crashed alien craft and the sole surviving pilot.
a lemon demon spindlewheel deck.
A 6-10 player larp about an awful rebranding meeting
A solo TTRPG where you, a mortician, must decide if someone earned their life.
A two-person game about the days before the world changes.
An ape space-program based hack of Honey Heist