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In this jam, we will make games in support of local businesses, community organizations and mutual aid groups, which have been vital in forming a sense of connection during the pandemic and imagining new worlds in the face of systemic injustice.  

We see game jams not only as a way to learn new skills or network with other developers, but also as an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to important causes through art. Whether or not you’ve made a game or done a jam before, join us and make with us!  

You can either make a game about an existing group in your neighborhood, or inspired by the processes of local community organization and mutual aid more generally. Here are a few examples of games you could make:

  • A narrative game about your local corner store
  • A strategy game about buying groceries for neighbors in your apartment complex
  • A card game about a biking co-operative in your neighborhood  
  • A roleplaying game about your local bail fund

Anyone is welcome, whether you’re working solo or in a team.  

Join our Discord server here!

This game jam will be unranked - we want you to make games for your communities, not to win awards from us! However, we plan to make a video after the jam showcasing and discussing the entries. If you want to be excluded from this video, which will be posted publicly online, let us know when you submit your game.

We're also happy to provide detailed feedback upon request.

Please think locally and small-scale. We don’t want games about big chains or international charities/non-profits.  

We’re not interested in games that critique bad businesses or organizations.  We like those games too, but this jam is for showing support and solidarity with groups that you appreciate!  

We support Black Lives Matter and stand in solidarity with protesters. We want this jam to help you imagine what a community-led future could look like, so whatever organization you choose, think about how and what it contributes to the people in your community, particularly people who are structurally marginalized.  

Any racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or bigotry in our chat will result in an immediate ban.


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