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There's been some political discourse on the morality and ethics of Punching Nazis, of late.

Is it okay to punch a Nazi?

We in the gaming community have said for a very long time:


In fact, we don't think there's been enough Nazi punching recently!
The games industry has had a long history of pitting players against these racist monsters, and we think it's time to go back to our roots.

Your mission is to create a Nazi-slamming extravaganza for the ages!
Punch Nazis, shoot Nazis, blow Nazis up... take the theme and run with it in any direction you like, as long as that direction is right over some smug Nazi faces!

Now, get pumped up for some Nazi Slamming!

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A Tower Defense Hack-n-Slash Brawler, of sorts.
By slaping adolph you collect money and upgrade your weapon so you can slap him some more
Survive the night of the nazis with your trusty revolver!