This jam is now over. It ran from 2023-06-30 20:00:00 to 2023-07-11 01:00:00. View results

PLOT: It's the actual storyline of the piece. It's what you get if you strip away everything but what happens. 

CHARACTERS: Character writing is the aspect of game writing that fleshes out the characters and focuses on their lives and their struggles. 

LORE: Everything that makes the world feel vibrant and alive. It's the stuff that makes it feel like the world you're playing in existed long before your characters got there, and that it exists outisde of whatever your character is doing. 

If you want to know more about this three pillars go check out this awesome extra credits video (we actually got some info for the descriptions from there <3). 

A week or so before the jam starts we'll be opening the #theme-vote channel so you guys can submit your theme ideas. After that we'll be closing the channel and decide between the admins what theme to actually choose.

TEXT MESSAGE: A story told via text messages, a plot revolving around a misterious text message, maybe you are a text message?? I don't know, your imagination's the limit.

They're as the name indicates: optional themes. You can use them if you want to but you don’t have to. Not having them won’t affect the score of your game. These optional themes are revealed at the same time as the theme. 

RETRO: You know what I mean, the look, the sound, the feel. Nostalgia at it's finest. 

HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT: It has been there all along, in your face, maybe even screaming at you. A plot-twist, a searched artifact, whatever you make of it. 

MULTIVERSE: Multiple you's, them's, it's are collading. Interacting in one and the same space in time. Crazy. 

  • No NSFW games (slightly suggestive or violent games are ok, just don’t go overboard). 
  • Reusing existing code and assets is allowed to an extent.    
    •  No re-skinning of games made outside of the jam.   
    •  A majority of the code and/or assets must be made in the jam's time frame.  
  • Submissions may be removed at the sole discretion of the organizers.
  • Follow the theme. 
  • Pls don’t overwork yourself too much and don’t forget to eat and sleep. 

Can I edit my game after the submission time is due? The files are going to be locked but you can change your page design and content. 

Can I submit after the submission time is due? No, so try to manage your time well.  

What game engines are allowed? All of them, there’s no limitation on that regard. 

Can I make a ttrpg or board game? Yep! all game engines are allowed ;)

Can I work in more than one game? Yep! Don’t overwork yourself tho. 

Can I use online assets? If they’re free yes, read the terms of use and if you have to credit do so. 

What about paid assets? As long as paid assets comply to the terms of use you're good. 

Can I submit my game to other jam as well? Yep, as long as the other jam is ok with it and the game fits both themes. 

Semi professionnals or professionnals are allowed? There's no limitation in that regard. 

If I don't like the theme can I make my game with one of the optional themes? No, you have to follow the main theme. The optional themes can't replace the main one. 

At the end of the Jam, there will be a rating period of 5 days. Your game will be rated on:

Theme: How well your game uses the theme.

Enjoyment: How much you enjoyed your time with the game. 

Concept: How interesting or unique the main focus of the game was.

Story: Is it good? Well written? Good characters or/and good world building? If neither hows da plot? 

Graphics: Does it look good? 

Audio: Do you like the music? Does it fit the game? What about the sound effects? Voice acting, oh mai gad this game has voice acting?!


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Short Mystery Escaperoom Game
Visual Novel
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What rules does the reality breaks?
Role Playing
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Help the Wizard MERVAL invite friends to his birthday party via text messages.
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Wanna be my friend ?
A disappointed demon gets encouragement from an unknown number.
Interactive Fiction
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A short murder mystery narrative game
Visual Novel
Interactive Fiction
Can you ensure your heist succeeds after getting a foreboding message from your future self?
Interactive Fiction
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It's 2023 and Meg found her old phone from when she was a teenager. Somehow, she can send messages to her past self.
Visual Novel
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A short narrative-driven text adventure in a fantasy world.
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working T9 to 5
Interactive Fiction
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Play the exquisite corpse with text messages
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Your young daughter just entered highschool, will you lead her to bloom or to her doom ?
Visual Novel
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