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Sightdesign presents

Narrative Design Awards 2023 shield and laurels
Narrative Design Awards 2023 shield and laurels

Welcome to the first Narrative Design Gamejam competition! Hosted by Sight, developer and director of the upcoming ttrpg Guild66.

The award winners from this competition will be able to adorn their games and store pages, wherever they please, with this gorgeous shield.
There will be 5 nominees, and 1 winner.

The Criteria:

Your entry will be judged on how the elements of your game support the story. Look at how your games mechanical elements support the narrative, and consider how each characters individual growth enhances the over-arcing plot. Don't forget to consider your games environment, and what it tells the player about the plot.
Judges will consider the following:

  • Story Narrative
    The Story of your game.
  • Environment Narrative
    The setting of the game.
  • Mechanical Narrative
    How do the game mechanics work within your story.
  • Character Development
    The journey your characters go through; what they're like at the beginning verses what they are like at the end.
  • Narrative Flow
    Does your story flow nicely? OR does it feel choppy, does it start and stop a lot?
  • Unpredictability vs Expectation
    Have a struck a nice balance between giving the audience what they expect with your game (does it fit your genre for example) and have you given your audiences some cool twists and turns?
  • Any alternative criteria a judge feels is relevant to specific entries.

How to Vote:

The Judges will have the final say when it comes to winners, but that doesn't mean you don't get any input.
Vote with your words!
Interact with the content you like, interact on their submission page and in the community forum, express all the things you like about other people's work! Experience what they have created and tell us why you love it!

The Judges:

Sight has been in the world of production for many years, and has worked on a wide variety of projects, from feature length productions to animated infomercials. They have credits as an editor, videographer, host, writer, director and actor. They hold a masters in VFX and have developed multiple long-form literature pieces.

Emily Richardson graduated Oriel College, Oxford University with a degree in French and Linguistics, and has gone on to earn a masters degree in Applied Linguistics. Having studied varies pieces of literature from around the world throughout the ages, she has gone on to produce multiple critical papers regarding literature and narrative portrayal. 

Isla Bousfield-Donohoe graduated Teesside University with a 1st in Computer Character Animation. She went on to work in television and film, gaining credits on shows such as ITV’s ‘Quiz’ and Lucasfilm’s ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’. She is now a digital artist working in publishing, creating website illustrations and book covers for award nominated authors.

Marcio Pereira de Oliveira is a digital artist who specializes in character design and animation. He has a rich experience in the creative industry, having worked as a creative director, concept artist, and character artist for various projects. He is also a passionate educator who teaches games design, animation and concept art. Marcio is enthusiastically creative and loves to tell stories through table-top role-playing games, where he often assumes the role of DM/GM. He has a knack for creating memorable characters and immersive worlds that captivate his players.

Christian Manley is a British American who was one of the first native English speakers to join the blossoming Chinese gaming industry. He spends his time helping companies understand how to write for a Western audience and grapple with how two languages tell stories in different ways. At the moment, he is working on assisting American companies incorporate Chinese fantasy to bring more nuance into their games.

The Rules:

  • No Adult themes or content, try to keep submissions as PG as possible.
  • Respect the rules of and do not submit banned or prohibited content.
  • Submissions of games made prior to this jam are accepted, but games created during the jam will take priority during judging. This does not mean games made prior will not be considered. For example, in the event of a tie or distinction of marking, the game made during the jam will take priority.
  • Harassment and offensive language of other people and/or their submissions will not be tolerated, and will result in warnings and bans depending on the severity of the events.
  • Due to the quantity of submissions, feedback is not guaranteed. Though every effort will be taken to provide feedback on every entry possible.
  • If a paid entry is submitted, a free version or alternative way to access the content will need to be provided either directly to a judge account or on the submissions page. All entries can only be judged based on the level of access provided. In the event that a free-to-download/free-to-play version is not submitted, the submission cannot be judged.
  • You can enter any game format, and we accept submissions with a focus on Linear Narrative, Non-Linear Narrative, Quest Narrative and/or Viewpoint Narrative.
  • Keep this a positive space!

Due to popular demand, I'm super pleased to announce we have a discord server!
Join us here, let's go!


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A Solo TTRPG of Devoted Knighthood
Solo journaling game using the Carta system.
You are subordinate to a deranged dictator and must plan his doomed invasion. Can you survive with your ethics intact?
Visual Novel
An otome game where characters talks in alien language. Try to learn a language and type your own response!
Visual Novel
Play in browser
It is the Stars the choose who will tell their story.
An horror visual novel based on a short story by Truman Capote (ENG/FR)
Visual Novel
A short, linear interactive fiction that follows a journey of healing from loss by fulfilling a loved one's last wish.
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
Step in and play in our Cyberside Picnic.
Visual Novel
The dead have risen, and the end is inevitable. What will you make of the time you have left?
Explore, make hard choices, fight!
Role Playing
Dungeon Generator you can use any TTRPG System (with modification)!
A story of sisterhood and growth.
Visual Novel
Play in browser
Set out on a quest to take down the major players of Egypt.
Play in browser
A Fey adventure setting powered by Breathless
Explore a mysterious island where time, consciousness, and cats are not what they seem.
Role Playing
Play in browser
A co-operative Table Top Roleplaying Game featuring adventures in a mysterious jungle.
An investigative Stillfleet mini-venture for 5th-level voidminers
A narrative adventure about gold, thoughts, and escaping the cycle.
Visual Novel
Manipulate the fate of mortals and a war as a powerful magical creature
A card game for 2-4 players
A game circling around the journey of a fallen knight in a new world where magic has taken prevalence.
A meditation on endings and beginnings.
Role Playing
Play in browser
Play in browser