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Theme Revealed!

"Finite Resources"

The theme for the narrat game jam starting soon has now been revealed, it is "Finite Resources". Good luck making your games!

Narrat Game Jam

Welcome to the first narrat game jam. This  game jam about making games with the narrat game engine. Narrat is a game engine for making narrative RPGs and currently compatible with HTML5 and Desktop.


The jam will start on Friday 29/07 and run for a bit more than 2 weeks, ending on Monday 15/08. This leaves 3 weekends + the two weeks between them to make a game.

The Theme

Coming on 28/07

What is narrat

Narrat is a game engine for making interactive narrative RPGs that can export to the web and desktop. It allows the creation of visual novel type games but with RPG features baked in like Skills with skill checks, an Items inventory, a Quests System and more. Games are created with a Simple scripting syntax. The script system is very powerful and allows branching choices, functions, variables and conditions. There are many other features which can be found in the docs

This is a demo video of the engine (with extremely placeholder content)

How to make a narrat game

This one minute video shows from start to finish how to install narrat, create a game and run it

For more info, full docs and text instructions, visit the narrat website and click on the "Get Started" button

The scripting syntax is easy to use, for example:

Game Jam rules

  • Submitted games must be made with narrat
  • Use of any assets, libraries, code etc is allowed as long as you have the rights to them
  • You are free to submit your game to other jams too
  • If your game isn't 100% finished you can still submit a demo or prototype
  • You are free to do weird clever things with the engine if you feel like it
  • You are free to release your game in any other platform or format, free or paid. Do whatever you want with what you made.
  • There are no other restrictions

Open source (CC0) games

Narrat is a completely free and open source engine (MIT license). Ideally, I would like as many of the games made in this jam as possible to also be open source. It is up to the creators though, so you can choose to opt out of making your game CC0.

Posting games on Twitter

If you post your games with the #NarratGameJam hashtag or tag the @NarratEngine account, the narrat account will retweet your submissions for people to see them


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A curse consumes the earth; its people must bear their guilt.
Interactive Fiction
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You are given a certain amount of spoons per day to spend on actions. Try to survive.
Interactive Fiction
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Will you be a baby angel or a naughty goblin?
Visual Novel
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Coming to terms with your own immortality
Interactive Fiction
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