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"I spread like strawberries, I climb like peas and beans" -- Fiona Apple

Growth, cousin to that daunting word Change. Sometimes unsightly, sometimes uncontrolled, sometimes painful. Despite the massive set of problems confronting the world right now, we can still imagine a future with better versions of ourselves. Ideally, better worlds altogether. Let it be known, the theme for NarraScope 2020's Online Game Jam is Growth. Particularly, in the words of Jane McGonigal, post-traumatic and/or post-ecstatic growth.


This is an unranked game jam, overlapping with the NarraScope 2020 Online Conference. All conference activities are governed by the NarraScope Code of Conduct.

There are no requirements on what tools may be used, or genres, formats, and no limitations on prior work. Participants are encouraged to discuss their projects and form teams in the #game-jam channel of the NarraScope Discord. Some tools the community uses, but by no means an exhaustive list:

We encourage participants to form teams (or not) freely, and to contribute to as many different projects as they like. Team projects should be marked as such, but submitted to by a single team member. Submissions are due for exhibition on the Monday after the conference concludes, June 8th.

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