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Theme: Experimental

What's NaNoWinter?

NaNoWinter is a short version of a month jam/event of NaNoRenO which was inspired and modeled after the idea of NaNoWrimo.

NaNoWinter stands for National Novel Winter where it challenges developers to finish their visual novel within the deadline. It's basically 3 weeks jam of creating a playable visual novels or story-based games in winter.

Where does it start and end?

It begins at January 10th 2015 until January 31st 2015. Starts in the weekend, ends in the weekend.

Edit: As of January 24th, I added a two days expansion which now ends at February 2nd.

Edit again: 12 hours extensions added, if it only helps. I'll plan to coordinate properly next time learning from this experience. Thank you for the awesome entries and good luck!

Final edit: I'm allowing up to Feb. 7 for participants who think they might not make it to NaNoRenO. The length of the Summer edition will differ from this. Thank you for your time.

Is there a prize or voting?

No prize or voting in NaNoWinter. If there is one it would be the joy of finishing a final build before the deadline.

Does it have a theme?

The theme is experimental, interpret however you like.

How does one make a visual novel?

There's an article at TvTropes: So You Want To: Make A Visual Novel.

You can use any other engines available. As mentioned, story-based games are welcome. Ren'Py seems like a great place to start.


  • It should be a new game.
  • It can be a one game person or a team. If you are in 2 teams, then that is ok.


  • Background image from ushikai.
  • And thank you for reading.
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