This jam is now over. It ran from 2017-12-01 06:00:00 to 2018-01-15 05:59:59.

Did you want to do NaNoWriMo but didn’t have the energy, ability, or attention span to do the full thing? Introducing NaNo NaNoWriMo - a writing month challenge for the rest of us!

NaNo NaNoWriMo is a writing month challenge at a fraction of the size. Your goal is to only write around 10,000 words - that's 333 words a day, compared to the laborous 1,667!

Why NaNo NaNoWriMo? Any writer who has tried it knows that NaNoWriMo is a marathon of fiction writing: grueling; lengthy; and for more disadvantaged people, just plain impossible to do! We want to offer NaNo NaNoWriMo as the 5K alternative to NaNoWriMo's 26.2 miles. Why force people to run the full race, when you can warm up with a walk in the park?

NaNo NaNoWriMo is designed for anybody who does not have the physical ability to accomplish the full requirements of NaNoWriMo. Many times we have heard the agonies of participants from the stress of the looming deadline, the physical effort it takes to write so much in a day, and the amount of filler their stories must contain just to fit the limits. No more! Though we know those challenges are wonderful for established lengthy writers, we wanted to offer an alternative, and also promote the idea that writing short stories is just as valid and healthy.

This challenge is just right for those who actually want to finish something in a month. There is no strict word requirement - anywhere around 10,000 is enough, and you're welcome to even do shorter or longer if you like. Just write something!

Show your support by posting in the #NaNoNaNoWriMo hashtag or tweeting to @eggwarexyz on Twitter, and we might even signal boost your work!

Some extra info:

  1. Writing starts on December 1st; allows you to submit whenever, but we'd advise waiting until the 24th if you finish early.
  2. 10,000 (333 words a day) is the average goal, but feel free to set your own!
  3. There's no lower limit, but the upper limit is 30,000 (1,000 words a day). This constrains it to a short story and keeps other participants from feeling like you've outpaced them. 
  4. Fun in accomplishment is the only thing that matters here. If you feel like you're struggling, lower your daily goal.
  5. Doing a plot outline before December 1st is fine - encouraged, even! Just try not to get a head start on the actual writing.
  6. Any words are valid: fiction, non-fiction, fan-fiction, interactive-fiction... Boy, you get the idea.
  7. If you need help or have questions, please ask!