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Let's Get Started!

The time has finally come for the first NAIT Game Development Club Inaugural Game Jam! This is the first in a series of month-long events happening to bring the club together to create and learn together with a bit of friendly competition!

The Theme for this Jam is: Borders!


There are going to be three defining things to keep in mind for the event, and these rules will be the same for every event going forward! These rules are:

1. No Discrimination - We are attempting to create a warm and welcoming environment for every member of the NAIT Game Dev Club, no matter their sex, race, orientation, gender, or any other factor, so to reflect this, you cannot base your game on stereotyping, slander, racism, sexism, or any other form of discrimination that could make someone feel uncomfortable and unsafe. If your game violates this policy, your game will be removed from the game jam and will not count, and you will be given a warning. If you ever feel uncomfortable or unwelcome due to someone's conduct, come speak with me and I will make sure the situation is dealt with.

2. Limit Political Commentary - Political commentary isn't banned from any of your games, however, be aware that any political commentary within your game must follow the above policy on discrimination, as well as ensure that there is actually a thoughtful message behind it. Listen, I know people love to make their cracks about Donald Trump (I know that it's really easy), but we can do better than cheap jokes without substance to them.

3. Be Considerate - While the only limit on the content of your team's game is the theme and the two policies above, please keep in mind that these games will be shown off not only to the club, but may be used to help promote the club (with express given permission), so don't put in things you wouldn't be okay showing off to a potential employer.

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Very buggy, doesn't work.
A Tycoon game where you play as a drug lord who grows his own drug empire.