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Games are dominating the online mobile ad market, with one in five creatives in the sector promoting video games. Ads for games have always stood out as original, bold and creative while having almost free reign. They are dynamic, grasping the ever-changing preferences of the audience. We believe that contemporary games advertising is a field that can help realize anyone’s creative potential. Even those who had never before been engaged in creating professional content will find many opportunities to demonstrate their talent and bring the most original ideas to life. And the first step in doing this is our Creative Jam!

If you run into any trouble while submitting your video on, feel free to send it to us by email:

Если у вас возникли проблемы с подачей ваших работ на платформе, присылайте их на нашу почту


Правила участия на русском языке можно загрузить здесь

When will the jam take place?

Applications will be accepted from July 20 until November 19, 2021.

What is this jam about?

MY.GAMES is hosting an online jam to make creative videos for the mobile game Hustle Castle.

Who can participate?

Absolutely anyone, as long as they have basic knowledge and experience in animation, and they're willing to bring their creative ideas to life.

Where to apply for participation?

You can submit your work here on the platform.

How is the winner chosen?

The Jam will have five winners. The top four winners will be selected based on the highest retIR score. We have decided to choose this indicator in order to accurately assess the effectiveness of each creative. RetIR is calculated using the formula: ret2d x CTR x CR, where:

  • ret2d (second day retention rate) shows interest of attracted audience in replaying.
  • CTR (Click-through Rate) shows how clickable your creative is and whether it is eye-catching
  • CR (store install conversion) shows users’ reaction to the store

The fifth winner will be chosen by the Jam’s expert jury, and its retIRCTR does not have to be the highest. All five winners will receive $6,500 each. It is worth noting that the videos that are as close as possible to the actual gameplay will have the best retention rate and install conversion. Video creatives with puzzle mechanics are not accepted for participation – after all this is not what the game is about.

Participation rules

The contest’s videos are designed to attract new audiences. They will be shown to people who know nothing about the game. Thus, it must be comprehensible from start to finish for any newcomer. Whatever is happening on screen should make sense, be simple and clear.

Our goal is to get people to click on the ad and install the game. Think about what plot, structure, or visual tricks you can use to achieve this. Classic advertising techniques from the traditional mass market and new approaches from the digital age alike are suitable.

The videos submitted for the contest will advertise our product on Facebook to men and women between the ages of 20 and 50 in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. All text and sound content (if you have) of the video must be in English.

Requirements for assets:

1. Using game assets

At least 50% of the video should consist of Hustle Castle game assets (available here), so that the viewer could understand what kind of product is being advertised in the video. 

NO to:

  • Misleading gameplay - towers, bridges, pins etc.
  • Embellished gameplay - fake GUI, non-existent gameplay rules
  • Focusing on trivial features

YES to:

  • Demonstration of different aspects of real gameplay with focus on core gameplay (castle management and battles)
  • Fictional storylines leading to real gameplay
  • Attractive motion graphic templates that wrap real foottages
  • Footages with acting people (stock or handmade)
  • Engaging slogans

2. Technical requirements

Video format - .mp4, Codec - h264, Resolution - 1080x1350px, Duration - up to 30 sec, Size of the file - up to 29 Mb, Frames per second - 30 fps, Age category (16+) - any corner of the screen except the top right, Language of the interface, dialogues, voiceovers (not necessary) - EN, Videos are not allowed for testing if these rules and requirements are not followed.

3. Restrictions

The video should not contain violence, adult content, racism, and content that offends honor and integrity. Videos must meet all Facebook ad requirements and restrictions,

4. Sound and subtitles

Try not to rely too heavily on the sound of your videos. Any dialogue or voiceover must be subtitled.

5. Pop culture references

In your video, you can reference a popular movie, TV series, book, personality, but without using specific names and titles. At the same time, you need to adapt this content to the game’s visual style.

6. Using unlicensed assets (photos, videos, sounds)

Only materials from the game, free-access materials allowed for commercial use, and new materials created by contestants specifically for the video are allowed for use. All claims of copyright holders for the use of unlicensed music, sounds, photos, names, and titles will be redirected to the video’s creator.

7. Source assets

The winner of the Jam transfers all rights to use the promotional video to the organizer of the Jam. They also provide source materials (project and assets) in the most logical and understandable structure.

More useful links:

The rules of participation in Russian in the Jam can be downloaded here/ Правила участия на русском языке можно загрузить здесь:

Link to Hustle Castle assets:

You can download characters from Hustle Castle here


Password: JKHdsf39(324!8sdg


Documentation for the Jam can be downloaded here

If you have any questions, contact us by email: 


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