Submissions open from 2020-02-01 05:00:00 to 2020-03-01 04:59:59
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The Master System. Pretty much the definition of an also-ran. (Except in Europe!)
And then there's the Sega Card. (My Card)

A format designed for lower-quality and smaller games where games were getting bigger and better, and box art that, well, wasn't, it was practically dead on arrival.
And it was. Only 7 games were released on the format before it kicked the bucket.
That was 1986. This is 2020.

And here we are, making a  jam where you have to make a game fit in the space of a Sega Card.
Oh, how times have changed.

The optional theme for this jam is:


Although this jam is mainly about squeezing games into a ridiculously tiny space, you can also follow this theme if yow want.
It's optional, but recommended to post your games in this thread, as well as on

In fairness for our fellow patrons, you must publish your game before the jam deadline. You can release updates for the game, but only the initial version will be judged.