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This game jam is inspired by  It’s Britney, B!#%h! and the Music & Multiverse system! This jam is an invitation to others to expand the known universe by creating weird and strange table top role playing games that explore music (in all its forms and genres) and the vast expanse of the multiverse. You do not have to use the Music and Multiverse system to submit a game but are encouraged to check out the SRD and see if it would be useful for your project idea.


  1. Game submissions must incorporate themes related to music and the multiverse.
  2. Submissions can be entire games (one page, multi page, zine length, whatever.) or supplements, tables, settings, etc!
  3. Submissions must be made specifically for the jam. No old games reposted. 
  4. Hacks of other systems are more than fine.
  5. Games can be released for free, PWYW, or with a price tag. 
  6. No racism, fascism, hate speech or bigotry. 


The Music & Multiverse System is a table top role playing game system designed for making weird and strange games around the themes of music and the vast expanse of the multiverse.  The SRD can be used to create your own Music & Multiverse Games! Music & Multiverse games are meant to be rules lite and flexible. Think of the rules in Music & Multiverse system as an invitation to play in a jazz band rather than an orchestra. Feel free to riff (pun intended ) on the rules and themes as you see fit for your game.

The theme of Music & Multiverse games are pretty straight forward. Players will take on the roles of various musical artists from across the vast expanse of the multiverse. Maybe players have been assembled to save the planet, perform a heist, bring down a tyrannical empire, or something else entirely. The What, When, Where, and Whom are all up to you as the designer. The only primary themes that should be used in your design are that of Music and the Multiverse.


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