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An All Projects JamWelcome to the Mushroom Jam! It's a celebration of all things fungi related, such as Mushrooms, Slime Molds, Lichen!
 It will run from September 1st to November 30th. The jam will accept all completed projects of any sorts! See below for more details!

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All things fungi! Mushroom, lichen, slime molds! Feel free to invent new mushrooms too!

Here are some preexisting fungi for inspiration


All Projects welcome!

Video Games
Game Assets/Art
Board Games
Books/Short Stories
Tabletop Role Playing Games / Live Action Role Playing Games
Any and All other projects you can think of!


This must be a new project, old projects are not allowed!

Only submit games if they are playable in their current form. First drafts/Ashcan editions are fine if they are playable. You may edit, fix, or adjust them at a later time.

NSFW is allowed but the game MUST indicate it is for a mature audience

No bigotry or hatred!

Homophobes, nazis, transphobes, gender critical, fascists, racists, or other bigots are explicitly forbidden from entering.

Do to ongoing legal and ethical concerns AI art will no longer be allowed in the #MushroomJam, thank you for your understanding and patients! 

I also reserve the right to remove a game from the jam any reason

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Divider: King Lulu Deer
Pixel Mushroom: JinRaRa


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Musings on capitalism, climate change and the corporate world while taking a stroll
Interactive Fiction
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A legacy solo narrative game about the cycle of life of mycelium
These mushrooms got legs, but nobody brought any pants.
A mushroom mausritter adventure
quixotically recurring dungeon merchant
Free 2d Mushroom Image Assets
A solo experience about mushrooms and humans
[jam version] solo fungaling game
A Blades in the Dark scenario featuring a Fungal God
A one-ironic role-playing game about a group of mushrooms who need to find a new home
Role Playing
A set of mushroom cave maps for your game
A pamphlet sized tabletop adventure about caves with ogres, fairies and mushrooms for any Fantasy system
An Apocalyse World playbook
Run, little mushroom, run!
Collect materials and explore to help a simple mushroom.
Interactive Fiction
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Fight your friends in this 2-player, local PVP game.
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Find Mushrooms in the forest that mom will make a pie with.
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A Triple Triad game for fungus lovers.
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Race against other fungus
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