This jam is now over. It ran from 2017-07-16 22:00:00 to 2017-07-23 04:01:00.

Haruki Murakami is a world renowned Japanese novelist. His work dabbles in the surreal - what may start as a story about a boy yearning desperately to become an adult can quickly spin a thread about a homeless man who has the ability to speak to cats. He writes these stories with a hint of whimsy yet never forgets these are, ultimately, stories about people. His stories have a worldly nature to them - while set in Japan, they evoke just enough of the general human condition to not seem alienating to those outside of his home country.  Yet, he never shies from the Japanese nature of his work - be it a seemingly minor reference to a Japanese unit of measurement in  The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle or the female protagonist Aomame in 1Q84 whose name sounds eerily like edamame.

Even for the flaws in his works, Murakami never ceases to at least try to spin an interesting story out of an otherwise mundane and ordinary world.

Murakami Jam 2017

I've always found Murakami's writing to be inspirational to the point where I sometimes ponder game ideas where the story is set up in a manner similar to those of his work. One day, I read a Destructoid article about the upcoming YIIK. The article likened the game to The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. Now, in 2017 as I finally finish that novel I wonder, what games would come out of a jam inspired by Murakami's work?

And as such, here we are. Murakami Jam 2017.

The Theme

This jam is Murakami centric but, like many game jams, it has a guiding theme to help focus your design. This jam's theme?


Optional Modifiers

These are completely optional, and open to interpretation. If you use a modifier be sure to make a note of that in your submission!

  • Cats - Your game involves cats as a key part of the game. This can be through the art, sound, narrative (if you have a narrative!), or gameplay.
  • Identity - Your game tackles subject matter relating to the concept of identity.
  • War  - Your game is centered around war, and it's consequences. Be it those who suffer at the hands of the enemy, the innocent civilians who become victim to it, or something else.
  • 80's -  Your game evokes the feel of the 80's.


This game jam is not endorsed by or affiliated with Haruki Murakami or anyone involved in his work.