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Make Richard Bartle proud by creating a multi user dungeon game and sharing it here.


#MUDJAM is no competition. It is a casual game jam. Have fun with creating something MUD-related during the next two weeks.

Never made a MUD but were always curious to make one? Now is the time! Create and submit a MUD game even if you are not finished. You are not required to submit a full size MUD with 16,000+ rooms. This Jam might be more about exploring new ideas for MUDs, testing out new mechanics or trying out new tools.

What is a MUD?

A MUD is multiplayer text based game. Think World of Warcraft with only text. That makes it ideal for a game jam because you don't have to make graphics and you can focus on gameplay!

What can I submit?

Anything you like! A telnet adresse to your mudserver, a url, a html page, a program, etc. A very convenient way of sharing your mud is by creating a link. Just insert your hostname and your port like[yourhostname]&port=[yourportnumber]


  • Create a MUD any time you want in the given two week stretch
  • You can but you don't need to start from scratch. Use any tools or basecode you have or can find. There are plenty existing MUD codebases.
  • Only have ideas for a MUD related tool? Clients? Editors? Engines? Submit this too!
  • Be considerate about your content. Don't be a dick. Don't be offensive


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Networked multiplayer strategy game of intergalactic conquest and exploration
How to Train Your Dragon based MUD
Role Playing