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Title: A TTRPG Jam By and For Goblins, then below, images of three goblins, Scrungo (stylish, grungy & jubilant), Grekkin (tiny, graceful & pensive) & Berilla (loud, slimey & mischievous)

text reading As Slutpy Steve says, 'April sobbins bring May goblins.' Let's write some games for and about goblins. Plus two more goblins: Oliv (kind, shiny & obscene), and Bulgranglia Pimple (severe, glamorous and mean). Then rules: 1. Be Nasty 2. Don't be an asshole 3. Make something with/for goblins (can include other nasty little guys such as imps, grinks, kobolds, gremlins, metaphorical goblins etc.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out! And check out the community tab for some more goblin inspiration! Plus images of two final goblins, Switchgrass Switchblade (bombastic, winsome, toothy) and Bav (patchy, pretty, professional)

Also, as a note: the design of goblins can (intentionally or unintentionally) resemble or invoke anti-semitic caricatures, as recently people have been discussing with a certain TERF wizard school game. It's worth being aware of these stereotypes  such as obsession with money and stealing human/white children (re: the blood libel) while designing your games so you can avoid them. Neither of us are Jewish, but figured it was worth mentioning down here.


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A dangerous game of goblin high society.
inimalist XB hack
Prophesied heroes must cross Goblinland to end the war… Too bad for them! You’re goblins! Stop them!
A Lasers & Feelings hack about not taking any more shit from polite society
Some bots for Micro-Circuts
Take on the role of a goblin movie crew documenting humans!
Ball game ttrpg by goblins for goblins
An exquisite corpse game for two or more goblins
It's simple, get together, do the task, feel accomplished. Just don't get distracted.
A competitive goblin heist TTRPG
You are part of a group of goblins sent by the Night Queen to corrupt mortals during the Victorian Era.
Play a goblin, ruin a party, be revolting