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It's just a reflection


(feel free to trace something matching the festive season)

This is a minimalistic jam, like, not even strawberries inside!

Ray tracing is simple but it's easy to make every detail of it highly complex... which can eat up all your life time.

But here, your goal is to create a ray tracer which will render (and store or output) an image with minimal programming effort, even if the tracing takes hours or days.

What does that mean for your submission? Line of codes? Byte size? Memory usage? - It's even worse:

  •  you decide what minimalism is in your entry, but mind, your peers will judge you based on the effort of code vs the rendered image
  • the Jam runs for several days, but overall, you should not put in more than 24h
  • you can use any language you wish
  • you should not depend on any library beyond simple I/O and simple math (sin/cos/sqrt/etc.), not even if your language implicitly imports it
  • you may add your existing code, mark it by comments if you did, but don't add 3rd party code

Q: Will there be a theme? -> Yes, a simple one, but it's not mandatory to follow it

Q: But but I hate the theme?!?!?! -> Feel free to ignore it, it's just for inspiration.

Q: Can I start before submission opens? -> You could, but stay within the 24h limit.

Q: I love my entry, can I continue working on it beyond 24h and the submission ? -> You can, but please don't publish anything until the voting is over, to not bias anything.


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A terrible idea for ray tracing