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MQJam is a Games Jam organised by the Macquarie University branch of the IGDA. It's our first jam, and we'll be using to organise the entries! Only entries that have registered through the official registration page and are attending the final presentation evening will be considered for prizes.

What is a Game Jam?

A Game Jam is an insane competition where our organisational team will give you a theme on day one, and your task will be to complete a game using that theme by the week's end.
That's it! Pretty simple right? Trust us when we say it's really not in practice.

When will MQJam be held?

MQJam will be held from Monday 5th of December to the night of Friday 9th of December. However, you will not be required to remain on campus for the entire duration of the event.
To see the full schedule of events and requirements, check out the event page on Facebook.

Why Should I Attend?

For one thing it'll cost you absolutely nothing. We're building this event because we love the students of Macquarie, and this is something we think everyone can get something from. Why profit from that?
Second of all, do it for yourself. Come and be apart of the community that'll be part of the backbone of the industry you'll one day work for.
Most importantly, come along and learn what it means to be a developer! You'll need all the experience you can get!

How Do I Sign Up?

ONLY entrants who are attending the final presentation night will be eligible to win prizes in the jam. If you intend to, please register here.

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A 4 Player Space Sports Game
Simple Flight Simulator with an XWing model. Created for MQJam 2016
MQGameJam2016 project by Hayden Emily and Angus
run around the mysteriouse cube and shoot deviant aliens