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Mottzy's first ever game jam! This jam is focused on fun and is  a beginner friendly challenge to makers to make a block-friendly game.  All are welcome to go at it alone,  pair up, or create a team. This Jam is the lead up to Mottzy's birthday, and playing your games on stream will be a lovely gift to open. 

Find out more about the jam by joining the Makerville Discord,  stopping by the Mottzy Makes stream,  or checking out Mottzy Makes on Twitter!


-- Embiggen --


To make the jam fun and focused, below are the limitations to encourage makers to challenge themselves. This jam is not judged, but will be more fun for everyone if we follow the required limitations


While there won't be "disqualifications" please follow this requirement to ensure we meet the game jam goals!

-- Make It Blocky! --

2d or 3d, think in blocks (because Mottzy is a real square y'know?)


Challenge (optional)

There is only one challenge:

 -- VOXELS --

Feeling up to a bit of a stretch? Make this game using voxels and let the good times stack up! 

Voxel Tools 

Here are some tools Mottzy knows about. If you'd like to recommend other tools to add to the list send Mottzy a note on Discord

  1. MagicaVoxel (free)
    1. One of the most commonly-used voxel tools
    2. Full featured with many cool capabilities
  2. Goxel (free)
    1. Another cool voxel tool that include a free online web editor and multiple export options
  3. Qubicle (paid)
    1. Motty's tool of choice for working on voxels
  4. RPG in a Box (paid game engine with free demo)
    1. An awesome game engine built on GODOT that is full-featured and voxel focused!


Development Time Frame

  1. All development work must be done during the the Jam timeframe from April 1, 12:00 AM CDT to April 21, 12:00 AM CDT


  1. Everyone is encouraged to use their own Art, Music, and Sound assets for their game
  2. All assets must have attribution to the artist who created them (even if they are your own)
  3. All Credits must be put, at a minimum, in the description of the game for the itch game (preferable to also include them within the game itself)

Existing Code

  1. You may use utility libraries and code from your own projects as part of this Jam
  2. Existing projects with game themes are not allowed
  3. Free or paid assets & utilities are allowed 

Individual or Team work

  1. You may work on this project on your own, or join a team of up to 3 other people (teams of 4 max)
  2. All members involved in the effort need proper credits for their role in the project


  1. All games must be submitted by the jam deadline
  2. Minor changes and updates are allowed after submission - entrants are encouraged to make minor fixes and updates!

Not Allowed

  1. NSFW Content: Includes sexual imagery & language, nudity, excessive gore or violence
  2. Discriminatory or Hateful content: Includes any violence, threat of violence, or discrimination against other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, caste, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.
  3. Political or religious themes: Includes any direct reference to real-world political or religious climates, specific beliefs or leanings, or organizations associated with them.
  4. Pre-made Game elements: Gameplay elements, themes, or content made prior to the start of the game jam


This jam will not be ranked. All are welcome to  join with no pressure of being judged. Entrant's games will be played on the Mottzy Makes stream, and general feedback will be given on the game during play. 


Game jams are a great way to learn and grow. To support those putting the effort in the game, general feedback should be given in a constructive manner to support the developer(s). When providing feedback consider the following:

  1. Identify elements of the game that worked well for the player
  2. Provide supportive language on theme and restriction elements
  3. Remark on the overall concept
  4. Provide thoughts on the interest of the game and how it worked for the player

Everyone takes feedback in different ways, if you prefer to hear feedback differently please make note of what you'd like to hear. Consider provide notes on the game, or directly to Mottzy for when he plays, on the following:

  1. Whether you prefer mostly positive constructive feedback, or would like some level of constructive / critical feedback
  2. Specific areas of the game you want focused feedback on 
    1. This can be helpful if there are unfinished portions of the game where feedback would be less helpful
  3. Scope of feedback - such as "general" or "in-depth"
  4. Any other guidance to help proved you the most helpful information for your game


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