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Create a game where you travel through a world to collect and/or raise monsters. Some classic examples of this trope include Shin Megami Tensei, Pokémon, Digimon, and Monster Rancher. Want a weird genre? Cool! Just make sure you collect and/or raise monsters. Or be the monsters if you like! Want to make a TCG or TTRPG? Neat! Nobody said it had to be a video game.


Submissions that do not adhere to these rules will be removed. To combat spam, individual games submitted to four or more different jams will also be disqualified.

  • Do not infringe anyone's IP. Use only content that you have made or properly licensed. Don't use others' trademarks.
  • Commercial entries are allowed, but a free demo must be provided. Participants should rate only the demo in this case.
  • You can have a team if you like. As many or as few members as it takes to make a fun game! Add team members as Admins on the dashboard to ensure that they are able to vote.
  • There is no restriction on start time. Did you abandon a project ten years ago? Why not pick it back up!
  • Games that contain sexual content or graphic violence are fine BUT should be clearly labeled as such both in the description and in-game somewhere that precedes any such content. The title screen is a good place. If you think the ESRB would give you a rating of M or above, or if PEGI would rate you 16 or higher, you need a warning.


It is strongly encouraged that participants rate every other submission. Games will be rated on the following criteria:

  • Creature Design: The creativity, aesthetic, and variety of the monsters.
  • Worldbuilding: The design of the setting, how well it supports itself and the monsters within it, that kind of stuff.
  • Gameplay
  • Audio
  • Visuals

In order to ensure that participants have adequate time to play through the games and give them fair consideration, the rating period lasts for two full months following the end of the submission period.


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