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Welcome to the Mock Cover Jam! Very glad to have you here. This is a game for analogue games (tabletop, larp) created based on a cover mockup made by someone else. Perhaps a bit reminiscent of high school group projects of yore, full of lack of communication and needing to take little material in a creative direction, you take what you're presented with and run with it! I hosted a similar jam about a year ago to great success, and hopefully folks will enjoy it just as much this time around. To make things more interesting, I've decided to add a central theme: Rituals & Folklore. To see the first jam and its submissions, see here!

There are two ways to participate in this jam! They are:

  • Make a cover mockup, including a title and a cover design
  • Make a game based off a cover someone else made

I've prepared a selection of 15 cover mockups to be used in this jam. You can find them here! You are free to use any of these for your game's cover, or any other covers submitted to this jam. Consider leaving a donation or recommending me to a friend if you like my work!

You're encouraged to share this jam around by using the #mockcoverjam tag! You have until mid May to get your submissions in! To help avoid duplication, consider letting people know in this discussion thread which cover you're interested in using.

For Games:

  • Your game must be analogue (tabletop, larp, etc)
  • Your game must utilise a cover submitted to this jam
  • Give credit in your text to the cover's author and any extra credit required (fonts, stock images, art, etc.)

For Covers:

  • Your cover should be high quality, preferably in a standard format of some sort for convenience (A4, letter, etc.)
  • Make sure to include a title
  • Include a list of things that require specific credit, if any


  • Stick to the theme
  • Don't be a bigot or a jerk. Any hateful material will be removed
  • Don't plagiarise


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A map-drawing/worldbuilding game about how rituals and celebrations reflect the world around us
A solo journaling roleplaying ritual about the subjects of our love and how the memory of them will fade in time.
a game of marine horror
Journey to distant Fields to find the crimson flower
Complete their trials or be trapped in their web...
A duet epistolar game about witchcraft, bonding and quilts
Awesome mock covers for your next TTRPG.
Take a sacrilegious pilgrimage to abandon your burdens and find solace in the "wrong" faith.
Covers for Mock Cover Jam #2: Rituals & Folklore
A solo TTRPG about a cursed psychopomp
a story game for three players about community, responsibility, and cribbage
TTRPG one-shot about math zealots 'helping' people in space
A Tale of Death and their apprentice for 2 or more players
The apocalypse came and went, and now you are stuck in at the end.
What will your garden provide?
A band of bunnies must stick together and save the forest, for their goddess.