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Ever joined a game jam but not been able to finish designing and writing the game before the deadline? 

This game jam is for you! 

The 'So You Missed a Game Jam' Game Jam (or #MissedJam) is the time to dust off those games you didn't quite get done and submit them!

You can submit games that are just ideas you had for a jam that you never started, and/or games you started but didn't finish. As long as it's not been submitted to another game jam, your game is welcome!

This jam is not ranked, so whip out those old games and lets have fun creating!

Check out the Community page for jams of itchio past, use them as inspiration and share jams you liked too!

Now for a few rules:

  • this game jam is for tabletop games (TTRPGs, LARPs, card games all welcome)
  • when you submit your game, please note in the Community page and on your game page what game jam you had originally intended the game for. Let's spread the love to all the awesome creators on here!
  • feel free to submit unfinished works, no judgement here!
  • if possible, please include a plain text version of your game, and/or other accessible versions
  • have warnings and safety tools for your game noted on the game page and within the game itself. The TTRPG Safety Toolkit is a great resource to draw from!
  • any games promoting bigotry (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ace/aro hate, ableism, hate towards other cultures and religions) will not be tolerated and will be removed and reported

You are super encouraged to charge for your games, your effort and creativity are worth it!
You are also encouraged to set up Community Copies, a walk through twitter thread of how to do so is here.

If you have any questions about the jam, please ask Logan or Viditya. And do use the tag #MissedJam to share your thoughts, games, other game jams and submissions!

The header image of this page was made in canva, using an image by Moritz Kindler from unsplash. The background image is by Lucas Sankey.


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Lo-Fi Hi-Fantasy Hi-Magic RPG. Part of the 1400 plug-and-play micro-RPG series.
Lo-Fi Heist-Fantasy RPG. Part of the 1400 plug-and-play micro-RPG series.
Lo-Fi Hi-Fantasy Plane-Hopping RPG. Part of the 1400 plug-and-play micro-RPG series.
a handy adventure guide for space goons in the year 24XX
A single-player ttrpg about researching the unknown
irl dance styles as personas
Role Playing
Survive climate disaster, fight corps
Surreal GM-fluid RPG inspired by the works of Philip K. Dick
-punk Augment
An RPG of Swords and Silk
A micro-setting of small-town gossip and an ominous forest.
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An rpg maybe, a tribute to the music and legend of Days n' Daze for sure
A WSCA Space Hack for Superhero Melodrama
A Monsterhearts 2 supplement location
interactive prose that involves a d100
Quiz game for college students; each quiz solves a math exercise.
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Wave based Survival project using 2D LIGHTING. You must defend yourself against different colors while using pick-ups!
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it is by 13 years old boy please support me
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an italian card game with "Happy days" characters
Card Game
A mecha pilot (and their rescuer) think back on the war as death and rescue race to reach them first.
Fight robots with your fists, guts and glory!
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IT IS CHALLENG FOR YOU(you can't win this game)
84 pages. Colonization and resistance. Monkeys. Clockwork armor. Fusils. Bonecarvings. Mechanical scorpions.
An unplaytested game for TRUE FANS everywhere