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Miracle Jam serves as a catalyst to encourage the unconventional and deeply personal. If you have something to express that you feel you can't express anywhere else. This is the place to do so.  We applaud and encourage personal games as a form of self-therapy and deepening ones understanding of their own psyche.

We're the creators for the game Ruya and wanted to celebrate the 3rd year of its launch by hosting this online game jam to our wholesome little community.

Miracle Jam is a 48 hour online game jam and we're giving away a handful of prizes to winning entries decided by our wonderful selection of industry judges. Check our judges and award categories below!

The theme for the jam will be announced on November 13th in our Discord.

Miracle Jam

START: Friday 13th November - 8pm GMT
END: Sunday 15th November - 8pm GMT
VOTING ENDS: Sunday 6th December - 10pm GMT

◆  After the theme is announced, you have only 48 hours!
◆  You can work alone or with any number of people.
◆  You can submit both digital and non-digital games.
◆ You can use any game engine and for any platform.
◆  You can submit as many entries as you like.
◆ You can use borrowed assets from asset stores.
◆ How do I find a team? Join our Discord and leave a comment in the '🔍-find-a-team' channel! 

◆ Most Heart-warming Game Award  - 'The mystery prize'.
◆ Spine Tingling Audio Award - A free copy of the Ruya Official Soundtrack by Enrico Ercole.
◆ Beautiful Visuals Award - A limited edition signed A4 Ruya Print and an assortment of stickers.
◆ Accessibility Award - A free digital download copy of Ruya.

◆ Read about our Game Design Philosophy here. 
◆ You can find our own personal playlist of over 300 videos and lectures and interviews on game design, psychology and our philosophy here.

Use #MiracleJam to share your work on socials.
Join the Discord server, introduce yourself and hang out.
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Miracle Jam


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A love letter story
Visual Novel
Play in browser
A lil' game about feeding a flower and helping it grow:)
A love letter game to my 20 year old self
A Short Heartfelt Game
Visual Novel
A love letter to pets