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Welcome to the first annual

Mini Micro 1-Page Game Jam!

This jam challenges you to create something awesome in 1 page of code or less!  That's roughly 25 lines, or 1700 characters!  Can you do it?


  1. Download and launch Mini Micro.
  2. Also download the Mini Micro Cheat Sheet, which you'll certainly need to have any clue what you're doing.
  3. Write a short game, demo, or other fun program.  It can be anything you want!  See here for one example.
  4. Use the view command to make sure it fits into a single page.   For example, type view "myGame", and make sure the whole thing appears on the screen, without a "[x more]" prompt appearing.  If so, you're good to go!
  5. Package your game for the web, upload it to, and submit to this jam!


  • How do you combine multiple statements into one line?  You do this by putting a semicolon between them, as shown in this example.  (This is a feature of MiniScript that is not commonly used, but it's pretty crucial for this jam.)
  • Are external data files OK?  Yes, your minidisk can include images, sounds, and even data files (e.g. a level file in JSON format).  You are also free to import anything you find on the /sys disk.  Just don't import or run other code on your /usr disk, as that would avoid the constraint of this jam entirely.
  • Any other tips?  Well, you might want to have a look at the "tweetcode" support module, /sys/lib/tc.  It defines a bunch of shortcuts for common operations, such as loading an image, creating a sprite, setting up its bounds, and adding it to the sprite display, all in one step.  You don't have to use it, but it might be handy.


You'll have it!  No prior experience with Mini Micro is needed.  Here are all the ways you can get all the support you need:

I will be watching for questions and quick to respond.  You can do it!


Uh, well, none.  Except the admiration of your peers, and really, what's better than that?

There's also a good chance everybody who submits a valid entry will get a free copy of one of the MiniScript books.  Or if you already have both books, we'll get you some other swag.  This is just a "thank you" for participating.  The real win is completing a project — and in this case, doing it with only one screenful of code!


Download Mini Micro and get started today!


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MiniMicro - Sokoban | One Page Jam Entry
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Created for the MiniMicro 1 Page Jam, fitting all game code within 1 view page.
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A visual novel and adventure
Visual Novel
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