This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-06-25 04:00:00 to 2021-06-28 04:00:00. View results


Mini jam is a 72-hour-long video game development jam that occurs every two weeks on

A required limitation is announced as soon as the jam starts to spice things up. Remember, limitation breeds creativity. You get the theme early, so you can plan ahead, Just keep in mind that you may have to change your idea when the limitation is revealed. This jam's theme is DREAD.  Remember, theme is purely inspirational and not required. Feel free to interpret it however you want.

No worries if you can't finish your game on time, you can submit late at anytime during the jam's voting period.

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The limitation is a special condition that your game must follow, but is open to interpretation. If you are unsure if your idea doesn't fit the limitation  just remember that everyone will interpret it differently.

The limitation is: Dice must be a mechanic

In short this means that your game incorporate Dice into your game as a core mechanic. Feel free to use dice as physical objects, or as a less on the nose concept. This isn't limited to standard 6 sided die, you can use a standard d20, a die without numbers, or even make up your own die types. Just keep in mind dice are more than just fancy random number generators.

Q: What are the limits of what type of dice it can be
A: Any die you can imagine, as long as it is clearly recognizable as a form of dice. 

Q: How do i know if i incorporated dice into my game enough?
A: Your game should no longer be functional without dice.

Q: Can I just use a generic Random Number generator instead of dice?
A: No, be more creative than that.


At the end of the Jam, there will be a rating period that lasts 5 days. Your game will be rated on:

Enjoyment - How much you enjoyed your time with the game.        
Concept - How interesting or unique the main focus of the game was.           
Presentation - How well executed the main focus of the game was.           
Use of limitation - How well the game incorporated the given limitation.


What engine can I use? You can use any engine or framework you like. You can even make your own if you want.

Can I submit a game I already made? You may only make your game within the time frame, we do checkHowever, updates are allowed after the game has been submitted as long as the original build of the game can still be downloaded.

Keep game content clean. No NSFW content, offensive content, excessive gore/violence.

Can I submit more than one game? Yes, but I would advise against it.

Can I use premade assets? You can use pre-made assets that were not made for this jam, like asset packs, or assets from older projects of yours.

Can I make changes during the rating period? Yes, just make sure that the original version of the jam can still be downloaded.

Read the rules. Not reading the rules is not an excuse for breaking them.

Any games that do not follow the rules may be removed from the jam without warning.


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