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Introduction and Goals

Hello all!

The theme of this Game Jam is the mind. I tried to pick a topic that was not too broad but still flexible. Submissions can be created using any tool you have access too and can be as simple or as complex as you'd like. Want to make a Retro-style game? Go for it!

Submissions can be anything related to the mind - Dark RPGs, mental health issues, Horror, Psychology, psychic phenomena, etc. You may even chose to make a personal experience into a game. It is all up to you.

Use this as an excuse to make a creative game! Broad in the case of this Jam really does mean broad. ^^

MindJam 2016 is exclusively online. Pick your own teams or work independently - its all up to you! While I do not think a large group would be necessary for this Jam, some do like working with other developers. As such, I am leaving it up to the individual to decide.


I love to play (and sometimes make) indie games. We have too much of the same themes, the same stories, in most games out there today. The ultimate purpose of MindJam 2016 is to bring a spotlight to the many talented individuals out there.

The "winning" game will be voted on by the community and is open to the public during the period specified. Criteria will be based on presentation and gameplay. Choose a score of 1-5; 1 is unplayable, 3 is mediocre, 5 being great. I have provided fields for more detail, but this optional.


I hope you all have fun exploring this theme. There are plans to have more Jams in the future, maybe some "hybrid/Online and Offline" ones depending on interest.

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