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MigJam #7 is ready once again for this theme will be all about "luck and no skills". The challenge is to create a game that incorporate luck as a core element of gameplay. This could be good luck as well as bad luck to the player. For example a lucky charm that looses power over time or when you are further away from it. 

Whether you're a seasoned game developer or a newcomer to the scene,  MigJam #7 is the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills, learn from others, and make new connections. Work solo or as part of a team, and compete against other talented game developers

As always, there will be 3 limitation that you can vote on. 


All Luck No Skills


Randomized mechanics: Randomized element that affects gameplay. For example, players could roll dice or card to determine their health status, movement, or button



  1. You can work in teams or Solo
  2. You may use any assets you have legal access to
  3. No NSFW or bigoted content or actions. No Harassing members.
  4. No Spamming or plagiarizing of content.
  5. The theme and limitation is required.
  6. WebGL is ideal so that all can play. 
  7. Enjoy the game jam!


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An exploration game with 13 endings
Role Playing
A Runner Game where the luck is the main concept
Interactive Fiction
mini roguelike based on luck
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My submission for MigJam#7 (All Luck No Skill)
Visual Novel
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Death run dungeon experience in 2D
Safari zone but awesome
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Bet on your favorite horses to win big at the track. Can you keep your pockets full?
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A luck based game for the MIGJAM game jam
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Are you Lucky Enough to Survive! Let's See...
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