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Welcome to MigJam #6! This will be a game jam where developers will be making a game around the theme "Always Hungry"

This could mean creating a game about a monster that must consume everything in its path to survive, a puzzle game about gathering resources to feed a colony, or a platformer where the player must navigate through levels to find food. The goal of the game is to create an engaging and entertaining experience for the player, all while ensuring that their hunger is satisfied.

We will be voting on a limitation that all developers must include in their games. 


Always Hungry


Picky Eater: The player or hungry NPC will have side effects from certain foods. Such as spicy food. 

Game ideas:

A game like Pacman, where you must eat all the pellets to win the level, but there are other food types that can speed up or slow down the player

You are Shrew that needs to keep eating or die from starvation

You are a chef at a castle with a demanding dessert eating queen. If you make her the wrong receive then off with your head

There is a discord just post in the community chat if you are interested in joining


  1. You can work in teams or Solo
  2. You may use any assets you have legal access to
  3. No NSFW or bigoted content or actions. No Harassing members.
  4. No Spamming or plagiarizing of content.
  5. The theme and limitation is required, but it's really for fun so I won't disqualify anyone with an original submission
  6. WebGL is ideal so that all can play. 
  7. Enjoy the game jam!



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Hungry runner!
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Poison a greedy tyrant of a king by feeding him food.
Eat your way to victory but watch out for appetite changes. Can you keep the monster fed?
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A tamagatchi based game for feeding a monster plant
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