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The Micro Skirmish Jam is for designers to get together and come up with interesting Hacks or Supplements based on the STARJET ruleset. A super lightweight ruleset designed to be quick and easy to play and easy to deploy in a matter of minutes.

Submissions can be any genre or style you can think of. They can even be maps, ships, factions, or fighters for existing systems or hacks. If you have an idea for a completely separate Micro Skirmish Game with your own ruleset, share that too!

Participation Rules:

  • Grab a copy of the STARJET Rules and Compatibility Text (available here)
  • Post your Hack or Supplement between 11/06 and 11/20
    • During the jam, your game must be PWYW or have Community Copies available
    • Afterward feel free to sell it
  • Work must fit 1-2 pages standard Letter or A4 format (one-sided)
    • e.g. One page for Rules/Scenario Text and map, another for Tokens
  • Work should be easy to print and cut out
    • Bonus points for Digital Assets to support Online Play
  • Works containing hate speech or bigotry are not permitted
  • Share with the tag #microskirmishjam


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A Starjet hack of Middle Fantasy Factional Warfare
Naval Micro Skirmish
Micro Skirmish Game
3 stage mini campaign for Starjet
A Starjet Scenario for 2 or 4 players
Pick a weapon and face off against you rivals in a swashbuckling, print and play duel in the void of space.
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