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Theme: Fast Asleep

On Saturday, we are going to gather at noon and give out the theme. As soon as we give out the theme, we will let people go and break into groups as they desire. After that we are going to be giving the different groups numbers so we can keep them apart. After that, we are going to be letting the attendees work until Sunday at ~6pm, when we will submit as many of the games as possible and play one another’s games. We will keep submissions open for plenty of extra time. Do not feel rushed, we want this to be fun. If your team cannot make 6pm there is no penalty.

Attendees are able to make whatever game they want as long as it ties in with the theme that we are going to announce when the Game Jam begins. It can tie in as loosely as the group chooses. Attendees can work in groups of however many that they want, and can use any platform that they choose. ALL are welcome and encouraged to join. No need to be from Miami University and no need to have experience.

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Avoid the enemies and protect the forest from burning down
A game about young lil' Pete, fighting his nightmares... with pillow gun!
Man VS Child: Who will win in this nightly battle known as bedtime?
Soporific mushrooms are putting everyone to sleep. Destroy them!