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Hey developers,

I really like metroidvania games (in particular the Metroid ones), but I feel that it is hard to find good metroidvania games. So I give you the challenge to make a metroidvania game in a limit of time of 1 month (middle July to middle August)


1. Assets should all be made during the jam period. You can use assets with a free licence or the ones you bought, you aren't obligated to do all.

2. Incomplete games are accepted, I would like to see them evolve if it's a project that you'll continue. So don't stress to make a complete game! But your submission should be playable.

3. Teaming is accepted.

The jam doesn't have a theme in particular, as long as the game is a metroidvania-style game, and is playable, your submission will be accepted.

Games will  be rated on these criterias:

Scenario (story)



Music and sounds

Engagement (if I want to continue to play the game) and general

Note that there is no prizes. The jam is only there to awake your developer instinct to develop games.

Hope to see you participate and I am impatient to see your games!

You can join the Discord channel for questions and more things!

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demake of metroid prime where you kill 11 smetroids.
Play in browser
You wake up in an abandoned space station, although not entirely alone...