Submissions open from 2023-05-01 06:00:00 to 2023-06-08 10:00:00
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Rules and Info:

  • Write a physical/analogue game or supplement about merfolk or merfolk-adjacent beings, such as selkies, etc.
  • Old content is allowed.
  • Include content warnings where needed.
  • No hate speech or bigotry.
  • You’re encouraged to share on social media with #MermayJam2023, and tag me if you’d like!
  • Please include a text only file for accessibility.
  • Feel free to submit more than one.

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What if a castaway were to fall in love with the resident mermaid?
Visual Novel
¡Una pequeña aventura Pirata!
A solo game about mermaids choosing their fates
Seek out the source of a mysterious signal on the ocean floor.
a pbta game about devouring men's hearts
A solo journaling game about testing magical corals.
A solo GM-less journaling game using the Major Arcana
Role Playing