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It's that time of month again.... October! Time for some awesome trick-or-treating with your dog, or whatever. But this year, Halloween is getting out shined by the thoughts and excitement of Christmas which is coming up soon. Halloween doesn't want to be outshone, and so a warfare begins!  

 The theme is war. Cold, cold war between Halloween and Christmas. You probably know how a game jam works n' stuff, so let's get on to the special rules.

RULE 1: The war has to be between Halloween and Christmas, and the player can choose between either Halloween Forces or Christmas Forces.

      + Make it whatever war you want, biological warfare, trench warfare, snowball warfare,  nuclear warfare, whatever you please, it just has to be an all-out assault between Halloween and Christmas.

RULE 2: Thanksgiving isn't having any of it.

   + Since it isn't, there must be a commando turkey somewhere that will wreak havoc on both sides. The turkey must have strong, ripped abs and a chain-gun.

RULE 3: Have fun.

   + I don't want to be responsible for indirect murder due to stress, please take your time and don't consider the noose, thanks.

And now, since that's all said and done, go on and jam while enjoying the holidays!

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C&C Halloween Vs Christmas
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