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Prompt: Make a game inspired by one of the songs below.

  • Although it is not a requirement, the recordings are fair use and can be used as assets within the game. Please use the files shared within this folder.

  • You’ll also find sheet music for the songs, so musicians can creatively interpret motifs within in the piece.

  1. Piano

    1. Danseuses de Delphes (The Dancers of Delhi) by Claude Debussy

      1. From Preludes (L. 117/1), early 20th Century

      2. MusOpen Link

  1. Voice

    1. Tantum Ergo (Only Then) Op. 55 by Gabriel Fauré

      1. Late 19th Century Sacred Mass

      2. MusOpen Link

  1. Guitar

    1. 3 Piezas fáciles (Three Easy Parts) Op.19 - 2. Maria-Luisa by Julio Salvador Sagreras

      1. Early 20th Century  

MusOpen Link


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Escape Room Before Certain Doom
Point and Click 2D Adventure Game based on Evelyn's life in previous life stages...
The music is your guide
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