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1. an event in which individuals come together in a physical environment and attempt to rapidly prototype a technology, software, app or game (video or otherwise) focused on some element of healthcare in a limited amount of time; a “healthy” hackathon: She was on the team that made that awesome technology I love at the MeGa Health Jam!

Our goal is to bring together people from various creative and technical fields to develop solutions using games, VR, AR & interactive experiences that help the healthcare industry (patients, physicians & administrators.) Our dream is that these same individuals discover new products and ways to work together and form lasting relationships. We hope to put the national spotlight on the cross section of these industries and our region and show off the unique combinations of talent & even more, that the outcomes of the event also help promote interest in “STEAM” education to the generations that will carry these concepts into the future.

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Gamification of hand therapy by utilizing Leap Motion with chiropractor-approved hand gestures.
VR ADHD Simulation
Escape from your captor and learn about human trafficking in this VR Escape Room
Fun way to solve a complex problem
Boo Boo Snap is an app about making people more comfortable with getting a shot.
Deep breaths.
The most relaxing VR game to ever use a dance pad.
A party game to help those who fear starting the conversation
Record brainwave data utilizing the Muse
"aesthetic as hell"
A click-only ragdoll simulation to increase the awareness to the dangers of falling.
Dogmented Reality
VR Endoscopic Training Platform
A SNAP location and healthy food finder, for children, that gamifies nutritional literacy, shopping and eating.
App for students to anonymously report issues: bullying, violence, or any other physical or emotional concerns.
MRI Image Recognition for Prioritizing