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Welcome to the Solent Mega Jam, the winter Jam of the 2019-20 academic year. Running from the 13th Jan 11:00  to the 17th Jan 15:00, this is a time to kick back into high gear and get those creative juices flowing again after the christmas holiday.

The Mega Jam is open to any student from any university, especially foundation students. If you have sound, animation, or any other student friends that you think will enjoy themselves then by all means bring them along. The more the merrier!


Floor 3 of the Solent JM building in rooms 304, 305, 306


  • Theme MUST be obvious within the game. Failure to incorporate the theme in an obvious or self explanatory way will result in disqualification.
  • Team name, team members, game name AND game description MUST be submitted before 9 am on Tuesday
  • Teams MUST be formed of at least TWO different levels OR courses (exceptions can be made).
  • Teams DO NOT have to live in Southampton, but at least ONE member of each team MUST be available for showcasing on Friday (this should be indicated on the registration form).
  • Teams MUST NOT be larger than 5 people.
  • Teams MUST publish their built projects to both the jam page AND (if you are a student at Solent) the Solent Unity School page by 12pm on Friday or risk being disqualified. What you upload to itch is what will be shown during the Showcase.
  • You must be a University student to participate in this game jam.

Helpful Hints

  • POLISH. Leave one full day for polishing your game.
  • Sound, sound, sound. Sound is key to games, even if there isn’t a lot of sound or if the quality of sound design isn’t great, just the fact your game has sound adds a lot especially during a game jam.
  • Voting. Students can turn up on the friday to vote for games even if they haven’t made a game
  • Support. Students that can be a point of contact if you break something or need help.
  • Teamwork. Work in contact. This means while you’re working, be close to or around your team-mates. Whether this is in Uni in one of the jam rooms or whether this is in a discord group call or server, it doesn't matter. Working like this is a key part of keeping a project going, and is really important for short projects like game jams.
  • Build. Build early, build often. Don’t leave it until ten minutes before the submission deadline to build your game. Make a build the night before, make sure everything works as intended and use the final hours on Friday to perfect.

Voting Categories

Student Vote

The student vote will decide an overall winner jam winner.

Judging Categories.

External judges to be announced.

Each game will be judged in the following categories.

Main Categories

  • Most Fun
  • Most Innovative
  • Most Polished

Sub Categories

  • Best Code\\
  • Best Art
  • Best Design
  • Complexity (Online Multiplayer / VR / AR / External Hardware etc)


  • 400$ value Unity Plus license for 12 months to each of the winning team members that have the best overall game*
  • Other prizes will be announced during the game jam.

* The Unity Plus license will be provided by Unity Technologies if we have a good amount of people joining the game jam.


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A Completely Ordinary Game with no Meta whatsoever
Terrority control with ducks! and powerups
Survive as long as you can!
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